rotation wave
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rotation wave

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very into charts about naps

Nap charts guys.

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"I don’t know much about him. My aunt tells me that he was smart and funny, and that I’m a lot like him because I’m stubborn. I know that I have his nose. But other than that, he’s just the man who walked out on me and my mother. He’d call every few months when I was really young, but eventually that stopped. I can’t convince myself that he’s mean, because then I’ll be angry forever. I’m sure plenty of people who know him think that he’s a really nice guy."
"Would you like to know him?"
"I can’t say that I want to know him really, but I would like to know about him. I’d like to see how he behaves, how he walks, if he seems different than the other people I see on the street. I’m interested in his story just like I’m interested in everyone else’s story. Only a little more so, because I’m a part of his story."

(Mexico City, Mexico)

Friends, I’m sorry I have been so distant

I have no good reason for this

I’m just out of it I guess and it’s nothing personal

I’m very sorry

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